Your sales conditions


The term "T & Cs" designates these General Conditions of Use. The terms "US" and "THE COMPANY" hereafter refer to the company DolibarrStore. The term "SERVICES" refers to all the features, prices and conditions of use of the site. The term "USER" designates any natural or legal person using the SERVICES offered or paid for on the site. The term "DATA" designates all the personal and professional information that the USER is required to register on the site. The following term DolibarrStore.COM ”designates this site.

Rule n ° 1

The reference selling price is set by the COMPANY.

Rule n ° 2

Once payment has been received, the buyer can download the modules / products ordered from their accounts area.

Rule n ° 3

In the event of a problem with the installation or use of the purchased module, any help must be requested by the purchaser from the COMPANY, via the assistance channel described in the product description.

Rule n ° 4

The buyer may possibly obtain a refund under the following conditions:

- If the purchased product does not work.