Demo ERP and CRM Dolibarr / Dolibarr Demo

Dolibarr ERP is both ERP and CRM management software offering several business modules. We share with you the demonstrations of Dolibarr which are published by the Dolibarr community which includes all the Dolibarr modules according to the cases of each core business. Below the demo type profiles are available on the website.

We invite you to choose the Dolibarr demo profile that best fits your business activity:

  1. Company or self-employed person serving only - Dolibarr demo
  2. Product Manufacturing Company - Dolibarr Demo
  3. Store selling products via points of sale - Dolibarr demo
  4. Management of members and treasury of an association - Dolibarr demo
  5. or build your own profile (manual selection of modules) - Dolibarr demo
  6. Dolibarr Store Platform Demo: demo / demo or else demo1 / demo1 or else demo2 / demo2...