Dolibarr vs Axonaut: comparison, features, differences and reviews.

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Dolibarr vs Axonaut: comparison, features, differences and reviews.

Axonaut features:

• Features:

o Axonaut manages the centralization of data,

o Manages the fluid follow-up and management of customers,

o Allows prospect reminders at the right time,

o Allows to simplify the edition of administrative documents,


• Axonaut is an easy-to-use and customizable CRM: you configure the key indicators of your dashboard in order to carry out efficient business management.


• Automation of certain tasks:

o Automate quotes,

o Online invoice editions,

o And the automation of payslips, etc.


• Axonaut is an all-in-one ERP and CRM software that can be interconnected with several internet applications such as:

o GoCardless,

o GSuite (Google Apps),

o Mailchhimp,

o Stripe,

The advantages of Axonaut:

• Allows wide functional coverage,

• Ease of use,

• efficient customer support in French.

The disadvantages of Axonaut:

• ERP and CRM hosted on Cloud,

• Does not have a large international community,

• Does not have a free test version,

• CRM and ERP paying from the first use: from 30Euro / month

Dolibarr ERP and CRM features:

Dolibarr manages Sales & CRM ...

• Perspectives / Customers

• Opportunities



• Contracts / Subscriptions

• Help Desk / Tickets

Dolibarr allows the management of Human Resources (HR)

• Employees


• Leave requests



Dolibarr manages CMS, website, e-commerce, point of sale

• CMS / Website

• E-Commerce

Point of sale

Dolibarr manages Product & Stock

• Products, Services

• Stocks

• Purchase, supply

• Expeditions

• Manufacturing

Doliabrr best tool for Finance & Invoicing

• Billing & Payments

Bank reconciliation

• Double entry accounting

Dolibarr is an essential tool for Marketing

• Emailing

• Surveys

Dolibarr manages Productivity

• Projects, Tasks

• Interventions

• Agenda

Dolibarr facilitates the Integration and Development of its Modules and Plugins:


• Connectivity to external tools

• Import Export

• Module Builder for developers

Dolibarr deploys modules every day via online stores, example of a store for Dolibarr:

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