How to activate and deactivate Dolibarr modules ?

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How to activate and deactivate Dolibarr modules ?

How to activate and deactivate Dolibarr modules?

Dolibarr has become a leader in the open source ERP and CRM market, among its main functionalities are: project management, accounting management, third parties, banking and cash, event management, tickets, human resources management, management documentary and much more of that with thousands and thousands of modules that you can install for free or buy it in Market Place from Dolibarr to benefit from their pro features.

Is the Dolibarr ERP a Modular tool?

Dolibarr is a modular open source open source software that comes with the GPL license, you can download it for free and start using it in your SME company, training school, manufacturing plant, or any kind of start-up. up.

To use the modules provided free of charge with Dolibarr, you must go to the dedicated interface, in the “Home” menu then “Configuration” on the left menu click on “Modules / Applications” Now you are on the “ Modules / Application Configuration ”you have the fourth tabs below:

Modules / applications installed

Find an external module / application

Deploy / Install an external module

Develop your own module / application

To activate and desactivate the modules in your Dolibarr, go to the “Modules / applications installed” tab, find the module you want to activate or deactivate then click on the small green icon, once the module in question is activated, it will be displayed in the menu bar at the top of your Dolibarr ERP.

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