Presentation of the new features of ERP and CRM Dolibarr 14

Jun 11, 2021 Dolibarr 0 Comments
Presentation of the new features of ERP and CRM Dolibarr 14

Presentation of the new features of ERP and CRM Dolibarr 14.

Below is a webinar video presentation of new features in Dolibarr v14 - In French, presented by Laurent Destailleur, Dolibarr ERP CRM project manager.

I let you discover the new innovative features of Dolibarr 14.0 (in Beta mode)

Here is the list of changes available in this version compared to the previous one:

For users:
NEW: Module Recruitement to follow application to job positions is now stable.
NEW: Feature to make Stock Inventories
NEW: Several security issues after a second private bug hunting campaign. 
NEW: Add a security center page with all information and advices related to the security of your instance 
NEW: Add a performance center page with all information and advices related to the performance of your instance 
NEW: A lot of fix into english text after a small proofreading campaign (still not perfect, but really better)
NEW: All main menu entries are using the picto of the module
NEW: Accountancy - Add FEC import
NEW: Accountancy - Add a confirmation form with options on export
NEW: Accountancy - Add select date from/to in already bind customer and supplier list
NEW: Accountancy - Format FEC - Add new field DateLimitReglmt
NEW: Accountancy - In ledger & journals, show link on bank transaction
NEW: Accountancy - Possibility to filter on journals in balance
NEW: Accountancy - Add a page to list subledger accounts
NEW: add the Channel column into the list of orders
NEW: Add a check to avoid an invoice date in the future
NEW: Add some color and picto for the direction of movement
NEW: Add the column "alias" of company in the list of proposal, order, invoice
NEW: Add the column "Office phone" and  "User mobile" in user list
NEW: Add the column "Price level"in thirdparty list
NEW: Add some company information in the dropdown login menu
NEW: Add constant MAIN_BUGTRACK_URL to set a custom url to redirect to when clicking on link "declare a bug"
NEW: Add contact tag and bulk email status on the thirparty+contact create form
NEW: Add db fields note_public and note_private for ECM module
NEW: Manage deposit on supplier invoice (& somes ajustments)
NEW: Add edit/delete action icons on categories list pages
NEW: Add hidden option to auto load input line extrafield into new lines
NEW: Add import profile to import BOM
NEW: Add last date of modification for website pages in the list of pages
NEW: Add link picto to the stock movement on the detail of production
NEW: Add mass action "Set tag" for product/service, user, thirdparty, warehouse, project, bank account, members
NEW: Add bulk action Validate and Set to billed on order list.
NEW: add bulk action to set a commercial proposal to status "Refused"
NEW: Add option MAIN_SECURITY_ANTI_SSRF_SERVER_IP to define list of IPs that are local IPs
NEW: Add option SOCIETE_DISABLE_WORKFORCE to hide staff field
NEW: Add a new permission "Export website"
NEW: Add possibility to exports userGroups fields on user exports
NEW: Add price min and price min including tax into product export
NEW: Can search on lots or serials into the quick search bar
NEW: Add support for Friday as a non working day
NEW: Add a total in page of margin by user
NEW: Add the total of margin in invoice list
NEW: Can set a Warehouse on a Thirparty
NEW: auto notification with module Notification can use templated emails
NEW: Bank Entries : display user linked to a salary or a taxes
NEW: Can set a warehouse in a proposal
NEW: Can clone a cron job.
NEW: Can create a lot from the list view (Look and feel standardization).
NEW: Can filter files in GED on status Shared/Not shared
NEW: Can filter on extrafields date on lists
NEW: Can filter on rowid in list of blocked logs.
NEW: Can hide columns "time consumed" on timesheet per week.
NEW: Can set an employee on each social contribution
NEW: Can set a percentage when creating an invoice from another object
NEW: Can set if a ticket group is visible on public interface or not.
NEW: Can set order of execution of hooks
NEW: Can show the leave dates/holidays on the agenda view.
NEW: Can show the project ref into PDF documents
NEW: Can toggle FCKeditor on public/private notes
NEW: Can use captcha on public page to create a ticket
NEW: Check update availability for externals modules using a button on module page
NEW: Choose lines to use while creating intervention card from origin
NEW: Column shippement method, payment mode, payment term in proposal and order list
NEW: Conf for default actiomm status
NEW: customer ref for product customer prices
NEW: date and user signature on proposal (Issue 16062)
NEW: Dictionary for availability - Add a column position
NEW: TAKEPOS delayed payment in TakePOS
NEW: TAKEPOS display date range if exist in TakePOS
NEW: TAKEPOS display resiliate status in TakePOS for member
NEW: TAKEPOS Edit sales lines rights in TakePOS
NEW: TAKEPOS Option for Takepos to show the total price without tax
NEW: TAKEPOS More permission in TakePOS (Can edit added line, can modify once order sent to kitchen)
NEW: Can set a user related to a social contribution
NEW: ICS Direct debit can be set with a different value for each bank account
NEW: LDAP: usergroup search can be filtered
NEW: Make public bookmarks editable by admin users only
NEW: If main logo not defined, can use the squarred logo on login page
NEW: The manifest file can use the squared image if available
NEW: Add bulk actions for Bank Transfer
NEW: Enhance the multicurrency rate editor
NEW: Multiselect ledger account code filter on book keeping list
NEW: Normalyse Type company field with ajax combobox
NEW: option to automatically close an open project when all its tasks are done (=progress 100%)
NEW: option to select membership type on the online payment page for membership subscription or renewal
NEW: preload product description on selection for customer propal/order/invoice
NEW: Add a ref in product customer price
NEW: Save old page with .old extension on disk when editing a website page
NEW: Search usergroups & resources
NEW: Set status of all variants when changing status of parent
NEW: Setup Page for module creation with module builder enhancement #FoundationFunding
NEW: Show picto of module into the list of dictionaries
NEW: Show the total of payment on the payment confirmation page
NEW: Stock movement list - Add more complete date field
NEW: Support color for types of event
NEW: The global setup for Mandatory fields can now be done on combo list too.
NEW: translate in "en_US" to complete PR 16980
NEW: Update the list of taxes available by default for France
NEW: Add captcha on public page to create a ticket
NEW: Salary payment request and Salary payment are 2 different steps in workflow on Salary payment recording
NEW: VAT payment request and VAT payment are now 2 different steps in workflow on VAT payment recording
NEW: VAT report - Optimisation & collapse by rate
NEW: When we add contacts/users to a project, ask to also affect them on tasks.
NEW: When a doc file is shared, link is visible from the main page of doc.
NEW: Add option in Workflow module to set a shipment as closed.
NEW: Option to automatically create a login/user when a new subscription of a member is done online
NEW: #16378 More E-Mail Contact substitution Values for better salutation
NEW: option to keep the "Automatically create a total payment" checkbox empty on the tax creation page
NEW: #17113 Can upload a favicon in website module
NEW: #17292 default subscription amount by adherent type
NEW: start new experimental module Event Organization Management
NEW: start new experimental module Partnership Management
NEW: start new experimental module Knowledge Management
NEW: start new experimental module Workstations management

For developers:
NEW: Can edit an object property in module builder
NEW: hook printFieldListTitle for cabyprodserv.php
NEW: Hook to allow external modules to add their own shortlist of recent objects
NEW: SQL-altering hooks in the turnover by product report
NEW: Add data-eec=1 for EEC countries on select for js interaction
NEW: Add experimental repair script to switch to dynamic row format and utf8mb4 encoding
NEW: add form confirm hook on company card
NEW: Add function showValueWithClipboardCPButton() to add a copy/paste
NEW: Add function showValueWithCopyAndPasteButton() to add a copy/paste
NEW: Add hook addSectionECMAuto method to add custom diretory into ECM auto files
NEW: Add native compression in rest apis
NEW: Product Variants API, add variant stock to response by parameter
NEW: Upgrade Stripe PHP lib to 7.67.0
NEW: Add link to OpenAPI specifications xml file in REST API module setup: swagger.json file can be included into external tools like redoc
NEW: Support sepa_debit in stripe paymentmethods list
NEW: Update doleditor.class.php for easily activate SCAYT
NEW: Add triggers in the function add_object_linked(), updateObjectLinked() and deleteObjectLinked()
NEW: Add triggers OBJECT_LINK_INSERT, OBJECT_LINK_UPDATE et OBJECT_LINK_DELETE in the function add_object_linked(), updateObjectLinked() and deleteObjectLinked()
NEW: API Add option $includeifobjectisused to get a product
NEW: API Get the list of product ids only
NEW: Can set a target image in dolcropresize function.
NEW: Can set a label as placeholder for combo lists.
NEW: Add pagination on Get Products response API
NEW: Add the DefaultValues CRUD class
NEW: Extrafields of documents lines are inside the lines, not any more on separate TR
NEW: unit selection on object edit line
NEW: #13739 #17390 Product API route added to get product stock and product with or without variants
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